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Seafront VIP

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Imbibe the timeless spirit of the Cyclades at this contemporary villa on Paros. Perched on a seafront hill, the newly-built home gazes out on sweeping views of the Aegean Sea from its ample terrace and cool interiors. Multiple living and dining areas plus 2 kitchens provide flexibility for families and groups of friends. Try horse riding in Ampelas or drive minutes to Kolymbithres Beach and Naoussa town.
The villa embodies the rustic earthiness and luminous minimalism of the ancient Cycladic style. Brilliant white surfaces play against beautiful stone masonry, vibrant artwork, and the spiritual blue of the sky and sea. Outside, pergolas flank the swimming pool and sundeck, featuring a dining table by the traditional grill and a spacious lounge area with panoramic vistas. Enchanting lighting welcomes long nights under the stars. 
The interiors provide a comfortable sanctuary for downtime and fun, with the sea visible from almost every room. The main living/dining area features a modern kitchen and doorways to the pool. Concoct your own meze and gather around the timber table with bottles of local wine. Play tunes on the piano or curl up by the fire amid the music of the waves. 
The villages of Ampelmas and Noussa epitomize modern Paros, with quaint streets, festive tavernas, chic restaurants, and yoga retreats. Pack your bathing suit for a day at Kolimbithres or Santa Maria Beach, and drive through the hilly countryside to unique villages like Lefkes.
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  • Bedroom 1 - Master: King size bed, Ensuite bathroom with stand-alone rain shower & bathtub, Bidet, Walk-in closet, Safe, Air conditioning, Lounge area, Private balcony, View of Aegean Sea
  • Bedroom 2: King size bed, Ensuite bathroom with stand-alone rain shower, Dual vanity, Air conditioning
  • Bedroom 3: King size bed, Ensuite bathroom with stand-alone rain shower, Air conditioning
  • Bedroom 4: Double size bed, Shared access to hallway bathroom with stand-alone rain shower, Air conditioning, Direct access to terrace, View of Aegean Sea
Additional Bedding
  • Office: Queen size sofa bed, Shared access to hallway bathroom with stand-alone rain shower, Desk, View of Aegean Sea
  • Fully equipped kitchen with breakfast bar
  • Kitchenette with breakfast table
  • Formal dining area with seating for 6
  • Espresso machine
  • Dishwasher
  • Wood-burning fireplace
  • Wi-Fi
  • Satellite television
  • Sound system
  • Piano
  • Air conditioning
  • Safe
  • Washer/Dryer
  • Iron/Ironing board
  • Swimming pool - unheated
  • Sun loungers
  • Charcoal barbecue
  • Alfresco dining area with seating for 10
  • Outdoor living space
  • Outdoor furniture
  • Terrace
  • Balcony
  • Pergola
  • View of Aegean Sea
  • Covered parking - 3 spaces
  • Light housekeeping - daily
Extra Cost (advance notice may be required):
  • Villa pre-stocking
  • Airport transfers
  • Activities and excursions
Points of Interest:
  • 12 km to Marpissa
  • 12 km to Byzantine Route
  • 13 km to Porto Of Parikia
  • 13 km to Church Panagia Ekatontapiliani
  • 13 km to Frankish Castle
  • 17 km to Drios
Beach Access:
  • 14 km to Punda Beach
  • 16 km to Golden Beach Paros
  • 19 km to Paralia Lolantonis
  • 23 km to Tripiti beach
  • 26 km to Faragas Beach
  • 26 km to Piso Aliki Beach
  • 23 km to Paros Airport (PAS)
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Wifi, Κρεβάτι king size, Μπάνιο δωματίου, Μπαλκόνι
Υπνοδωμάτιο 2
Wifi, Κρεβάτι king size, Μπάνιο δωματίου
Υπνοδωμάτιο 3
Wifi, Κρεβάτι king size, Μπάνιο δωματίου
Υπνοδωμάτιο 4
Wifi, Βεράντα, Διπλό κρεβάτι, Μπάνιο δωματίου
Λογότυπο Luxe
Λογότυπο Luxe

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Πλυντήριο ρούχων
+ 10 περισσότερα
Ampelas, Ελλάδα
Paros Airport
32 λεπτά οδήγηση
Punda Beach
22 λεπτά οδήγηση
Golden Beach Paros
25 λεπτά οδήγηση
Paralia Lolantonis
29 λεπτά οδήγηση
Faragas Beach Bar
37 λεπτά οδήγηση
Πίσω Αλυκή (Piso Aliki)
38 λεπτά οδήγηση
Tripiti Beach
735 λεπτά οδήγηση
Σημεία ενδιαφέροντος
19 λεπτά οδήγηση
Byzantine Route
19 λεπτά οδήγηση
Temple of Panaya of Ekatontapiliani
21 λεπτά οδήγηση
Porto Of Parikia
21 λεπτά οδήγηση
Frankish Castle
22 λεπτά οδήγηση
25 λεπτά οδήγηση
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