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Τα αγαπημένα μέρη των ντόπιων

1. Rio Sul
116 Rua Lauro Müller
507συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Marli λέει “Shopping RioSul •116 Rua Lauro Müller O shopping mais próximo, RioSul - onde você pode fazer compra...” ·
2. Livraria da Travessa
572 R. Visc. de Pirajá
73συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Elena λέει “Its a charming book store, with a cosy cafe on a second flor and big music store where you can buy a...” ·
3. Saara
132 R. Regente Feijó
72συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Daniel λέει “This large area in the center of Rio is where the Cariocas go to buy pretty much everything, from cl...” ·
4. Shopping Leblon
290 Av. Afrânio de Melo Franco
366συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Paulo λέει “Very good shopping mall. You can find lot of luxury, international and local stores. It is a mall ju...” ·
5. Barra Shopping
4666 Av. das Américas
389συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Roberio λέει “One of the biggest shopping centers in Latin America (if not he biggest). Acess from Siqueira Campo...” ·
6. H. Stern
32συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Bruno λέει “Brazil's most famous jewelry brand with some of the finest jewelry and artisanship in the country. H...” ·
7. Livraria Argumento
417 Rua Dias Ferreira
50συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Meg λέει “A book store with a hidden "Brasserie" inside” ·
8. Botafogo Praia Shopping
400 Praia de Botafogo
257συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Gláucia λέει “Moda, Restaurantes e Cinemas. Vista incrível no andar dos restaurantes! Shopping, Food and a Cinepl...” ·
9. Shopping Cidade Copacabana 1º Pavimento
28συστάσεις ντόπιων
Maria De Lourdes
Ο/Η Maria De Lourdes λέει “There is nothing like in Rio de Janeiro. Mall with a unique architecture that combines basic trade (...” ·
10. Louis Vuitton Rio Ipanema
114 Rua Garcia d'Avila
15συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Elena λέει “Big store, good choice of staff” ·
11. Cobal do Humaitá
446 R. Voluntários da Pátria
194συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Tulio λέει “One of the nicest public markets of Rio, with many good restaurants and bars, japaneese food and a g...” ·
12. Shopping Metropolitano
1300 Av. Embaixador Abelardo Bueno
173συστάσεις ντόπιων
Gustavo Luis
Ο/Η Gustavo Luis λέει “Excelente shopping com ótimas lojas, restaurantes e serviços. ------------------ Excelent shopping m...” ·
13. Livraria da Travessa - Botafogo
97 R. Voluntários da Pátria
24συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Veronica λέει “Super cute bookstore w/ café on the second floor.” ·
14. Havaianas
19 R. Xavier da Silveira
20συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Claudia λέει “If you want to become a real local you need to have your local flip flops - Havaianas.” ·
15. Shopping Tijuca
987 Av. Maracanã
138συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Douglas λέει “Tijuca Shopping Mall. Not my favorite place, but has a wide variety of shops/restaurants/services. A...” ·
16. Shopping da Gávea
52 R. Marquês de São Vicente
127συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Érica λέει “The best shops, cinemas and theaters excellent, delicious restaurants, a nice, safe environment and ...” ·
17. Capim Santo Rio de Janeiro
3900 Av. das Américas
117συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Alex λέει “A new shopping center with high end boutique stores and a great selection of fantastic restaurants.” ·
18. Sephora Rio Design Barra
7777 Av. das Américas
122συστάσεις ντόπιων
Maria Luiza
Ο/Η Maria Luiza λέει “Another shopping mall with very good restaurants! Italian, Japanese, Brazilian, Portuguese, Sea Foo...” ·
19. Shopping Downtown
500 Av. das Américas
100συστάσεις ντόπιων
Edith & Monique
Ο/Η Edith & Monique λέει “Shopping a céu aberto, também concentra restaurantes e bares agitados na noite. Open air shopping ce...” ·
365 R. Visc. de Pirajá
9συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Valeria λέει “I love this store carioca's clothes” ·
21. Havaianas
76 R. Farme de Amoedo
14συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Victor λέει “The famous Brazilian store of flip flops”
22. Moviola
280 R. das Laranjeiras
15συστάσεις ντόπιων
Mari E Gui
Ο/Η Mari E Gui λέει “Excellent vibe! Books, coffe, movies... really a good place to know!” ·
23. Américas Shopping
15500 Av. das Américas
91συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Celso λέει “A nearby shopping with cinema rooms and many food options. It also has an Havaianas' store.” ·
24. Recreio
19019 Av. das Américas
89συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Renan λέει “No shopping existem diversos restaurantes, lojas e cinema / At the shopping mall there are several r...” ·
25. Kult Kolector
130 Av. Olegário Maciel
13συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Fred λέει “Restaurant, Bar, Art Gallery, Art Gift Shop and Performance Theater! Cool place to eat dinner and ha...” ·
26. Rio Design Leblon
270 Av. Ataulfo de Paiva
75συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Fernanda λέει “Shopping mall with lots of stores and restaurants. Try the brigadeiro at the Brigaderia corner on th...” ·
27. Quiosque Chopp Brahma
1980 Av. Atlântica
11συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Nasser λέει “Right in front of the beach. Very good place for a beer or caipirinha.”
28. Local Americanas
619 AV Nossa Senhora D
11συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ludmilla A
Ο/Η Ludmilla A λέει “A well stocked department store”
29. Void General Store
31 R. Voluntários da Pátria
11συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Veronica λέει “Hipster bar and clothing store. Food available.” ·
30. Galeria River
67 R. Francisco Otaviano
57συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Felipe λέει “Surfboarding and clothes shops // Lojas de surf e roupas // Magasins de surf et vetements” ·