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Τα αγαπημένα μέρη των ντόπιων

1. Rodrigo de Freitas Lagoon
554συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Paulo λέει “Frequented by Locals; Very nice place to rest and admire Rio de Janeiro Nature views and landscapes....” ·
2. Parque Lage
402συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Rafaela λέει “Projected in 1840 by the the English landscaper John Tyndale, the wonderful garden with Romantic and...” ·
3. Tijuca National Park
850 Estr. da Cascatinha
130συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Airton λέει “The Tijuca Forest is a mountainous hand-planted rainforest in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. It...” ·
4. Jardim Botânico do Rio de Janeiro
1008 R. Jardim Botânico
207συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Marcos λέει “Local obrigatório ara quem visita o Rio de Janeiro, o Jardim Botânico é um local amplo com diversas ...” ·
5. Parque das Ruinas
169 R. Murtinho Nobre
186συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Micha λέει “During your visit you should go to Santa Teresa, the artistic neighborhood with beautiful old mansio...” ·
6. Parque do Flamengo
183συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Rafaela λέει “Aterro do Flamengo is known for being one of the biggest complex of recreation of the city: the plac...” ·
7. Copacabana Beach
491συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Paulo λέει “Copacabana Beach. Prefer the beaches in Ipanema and Leblon, next posts. Although I recommend you t...” ·
8. Parque Florestal da Tijuca
206συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Rafaela λέει “Located in the heart of Rio de Janeiro, with access through the North, South and West zones, Tijuca ...” ·
9. Pedra da Gávea
121συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Alessandro λέει “Pedra da Gavea is the biggest block of solid rock by the sea in the world and at the top of its 842 ...” ·
10. Pista Cláudio Coutinho
125 Praça General Tibúrcio
106συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Eduardo λέει “Linda trilha que circunda o morro da Urca, com lindas vistas e muito segura pois pertence ao exércit...” ·
11. Niterói City Park
s/n Estr. da Viração
69συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Eduardo λέει “Uma das mais lindas vistas, você pode apreciar nos finais de semana saltos de asa delta. One of the...” ·
12. Praia do Arpoador
333συστάσεις ντόπιων
Joana & Amanda
Ο/Η Joana & Amanda λέει “By the sunset, with the amazing view from ipanema and leblon´s beach on the top of thee Arpoador Roc...” ·
13. Parque Eduardo Guinle
62συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Rafaela λέει “Guinle Park was originally a farmhouse acquired by Dr. Eduardo Guinle to build his residence. Today ...” ·
14. Quinta da Boa Vista
s/n Av. Pedro II
54συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Rafaela λέει “It was the original residence of the real family of 1808 until the proclamation of the republic, in ...” ·
15. Marina da Glória
S/N Av. Infante Dom Henrique
66συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Marcelo λέει “Marina da Glória - Recently renovated and opened to the public, the new Marina may cater for up to 1...” ·
16. Ipanema Beach
324συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Paulo λέει “Ipanema Beach. That's where I live. It is frequented by a mix of Cariocas, Brazilian tourists and s...” ·
17. Parque Natural Municipal da Catacumba
3000 Av. Epitácio Pessoa
49συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Ruth λέει “Built where it was a 'favela' the Catacomb Park is the result of the execution of two notable projec...” ·
18. Aterro do Flamengo
1000 Av. Infante Dom Henrique
51συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Vivian λέει “We recommend experiencing (during daylight) this amazing open park. Try it on sundays when the main ...” ·
19. Bosque da Barra
6455 Av. das Américas
39συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Valentina λέει “Nice park near the appartment, very nice for jogging and has lots of space for kids.”
20. Parque dos Patins
s/n Av. Borges de Medeiros
41συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Laura λέει “Great to rent a bike and go around the Lagoon to view great landscapes. To go alone or in a group to...” ·
21. Parque Natural Municipal Chico Mendes
679 Av. Jarbas de Carvalho
39συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Enrico λέει “Natural State Park. Ecological Reserve. A great place to take a walk, recharge your energies and rel...”
22. Prainha
237συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Vivian λέει “The best beach in Rio! This beach became a protected reserve after the activism of some surfers. Tod...” ·
23. Parque Estadual Pedra Branca
12συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Veronica λέει “This is the worlds biggest urban natural reserve with 12.500 hectares. It is abundant with endemic r...”
24. Praia do Leblon
171συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Paulo λέει “Leblon Beach. Separated from Ipanema by Jardim de Ala and a canal that connects the Lagoa Rodrigo d...” ·
25. Parque do Flamengo
29συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Leo λέει “Em um dos maiores parques urbanos do mundo, projetado por Burle Max, voce vai encontrar pessoas se e...” ·
26. Praia da Barra da Tijuca
143συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Douglas λέει “Barra Beach. Probably one of the best in the city, but traffic to/from can be a nightmare. Good news...” ·
27. Largo do Boticário
26 Beco do Boticário
32συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Rafaela λέει “Those who pass through Rua Cosme Velho hardly notice a small alley (Beco do Boticário) that gives en...” ·
28. Morro Dois Irmãos
35συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Manuela λέει “Great hike, moderate intensity, with magnificent views. Walk to Vidigal, grab a van, or, if you are ...” ·
29. Parque do Cantagalo
14συστάσεις ντόπιων
Juliana & Daniel
Ο/Η Juliana & Daniel λέει “Enjoy the outdoor activities: cycling (Bike Rio), pedaling, jogging, or just have a coconut water an...” ·
30. Parque Estadual da Chacrinha
S/N R. Guimarães Natal
14συστάσεις ντόπιων