Τα αγαπημένα μέρη των ντόπιων

1. Hippie Fair Crafts Market
Praça General Osório
255συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Paulo λέει “Very touristic. Every Sunday on the Square General Osório in Ipanema. It starts around 10 AM.The mo...” ·
2. Bar Urca (Bar e Restaurante Urca)
205 Rua Cândido Gaffrée
207συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Carolina λέει “Bar super badalado muito frequentado pelos cariocas tanto nos fins de semana, após a praia, como dur...” ·
3. Confeitaria Colombo
01 Praça Coronel Eugênio Franco
194συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Guta λέει “This is the oldest bakery in town. They are one of the best spots to eat breakfast in Copacabana and...” ·
4. Boteco Belmonte
242 R. Domingos Ferreira
175συστάσεις ντόπιων
Dorge Menezes
Ο/Η Dorge Menezes λέει “- Ótimo lugar para petiscos, chopp e espírito jovem - Gute Atmosphäre mit Snacks , Bier und Junge Le...” ·
5. Restaurante Cervantes
335 Av. Prado Júnior
169συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Paulo λέει “Restaurant; Sandwiches; Very Traditional; Good prices; Late night food; The best sandwiches in Rio ...” ·
6. Sushi Leblon
256 Rua Dias Ferreira
159συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Ricardo λέει “One of the best japanese food in town. They don’t serve all you can eat, but have the best menu with...” ·
7. Talho Capixaba
1022 Av. Ataulfo de Paiva
133συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Paulo λέει “Good for Breakfast; Frequented by locals; average-high price; Go by Uber; Best bread, ham, eat ther...” ·
8. Zazá Bistrô Tropical
40 R. Joana Angélica
114συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Patricia λέει “Sit "on the ground" by candlelight ... If you drop this kind of environment , request a table on the...” ·
9. Fogo de Chão
s/n Av. Reporter Nestor Moreira
116συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Ricardo λέει “Upscale Brazilian chain for all-you-can-eat meat carved tableside plus an extensive salad bar. South...” ·
10. Cafeína Constante Ramos
44 R. Constante Ramos
113συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Liv λέει “Cafeina not only offers great coffee and free wifi, they have an inhouse bakery and a large selectio...” ·
11. Amir
55 R. Ronald de Carvalho
111συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Patricia λέει “Delicious mid eastern food. You may go walking if you feel like walking 15 blocks by the beach.” ·
12. La Fiorentina
458 A Av. Atlântica
101συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Nathan λέει “Great place to relax with a bowl of pasta and a glass of wine after a day at the beach. Is located o...” ·
13. Comuna
585 R. Sorocaba
107συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Leandra λέει “Good "gourmet fast food" and bar, good music. There is an art gallery for new artists, a good altern...” ·
14. Bibi Sucos
31 R. Miguel Lemos
97συστάσεις ντόπιων
Juliana & Daniel
Ο/Η Juliana & Daniel λέει “Have you ever heard of the famous juices stores of Rio? This is the most famous one: Bibi Sucos. Eno...” ·
15. Adega Pérola
138 Rua Siqueira Campos
92συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Andre λέει “Very best Tapas Bar in Rio - just 2 Metro stations from the flat. Don't even think of leaving the ci...” ·
16. Confeitaria Colombo
32 R. Gonçalves Dias
160συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Kalindi λέει “Uma das confeitarias mais tradicionais do Rio. Um lugar lindo, que parece ter parado no tempo // One...” ·
17. Delírio Tropical
48 Rua Garcia d'Avila
86συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Paulo λέει “For Locals; Good price; Popular; Lunch; Walking distance Owned by Bernardinho, Brazil's Volleyball ...” ·
18. BB Lanches
64 R. Aristides Espínola
85συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Rodrigo λέει “Best fresh fruit and sandwiches in town. Try morango com leite, pear with peach juice, fruta do cond...” ·
19. Churrascaria Palace
16 R. Rodolfo Dantas
85συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Hilen λέει “One of the most delicious churrascarias in the city. Not cheap (around R$120 per person) but you wil...” ·
20. Guerin Padaria & Confeitaria de Paris
920 Av. Nossa Sra. de Copacabana
83συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Marcelo λέει “A bit far, but the best bread and french patisserie... Now they are just downstairs, couldn't have b...” ·
21. Café Lamas
18A R. Marquês de Abrantes
86συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Kika λέει “One of the oldest rest/bar in Rio, it used to welcome politicians and journalists, at the time Rio w...” ·
22. Carretão Ipanema Classic Grill
112 R. Visc. de Pirajá
85συστάσεις ντόπιων
Paola & Isak
Ο/Η Paola & Isak λέει “Churrascaria, for meat lovers! Waiters come to your table every couple of minutes to offer you diffe...” ·
23. Felice Ipanema
30 R. Gomes Carneiro
91συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Jan λέει “Lovely little restaurant with terrace and great vibe. Dishes range from risottos to steaks. Cocktail...” ·
24. Terzetto Café
28 R. Jangadeiros
82συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Carolina λέει “Yummi!! Terzetto Cafe has the best sweeties ever! Terzetto restaurant right next to it is a deliciou...” ·
25. Cafeína
43 R. Farme de Amoedo
76συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Patricia λέει “Cafeína - One of the best delis in Rio, the breakfast is super recommended and famous. A cake, a co...” ·
26. Azumi Restaurante Japonês
127 R. Min. Viveiros de Castro
81συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Rodrigo λέει “Best Traditional Japanese Restaurant in Town. It is a Ohara Family Restaurant, amazing traditional j...” ·
27. Shirley
610 R. Gustavo Sampaio
74συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η John λέει “Excellent Portuguese seafood. You can select your seafood at the front counter. The shrimp rack is...” ·
28. Frontera
128 R. Visc. de Pirajá
74συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Carolina λέει “Frontera is a great place for a bite to eat. Its weight and pay and has everything you imagine from ...” ·
29. Le Blé Noir
19 - A R. Xavier da Silveira
78συστάσεις ντόπιων
Vania & Hélio
Ο/Η Vania & Hélio λέει “Cozy place, delicious crepes made of Saracen wheat, very thin and tasteful!!! Always full, but be pa...” ·
30. Eclipse Bar Restaurante Pizzaria 24 Horas
1309 Av. Nossa Sra. de Copacabana
75συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Philip λέει “Good restaurant with HUGE portions - best just to order one to share or take home leftovers in a dog...” ·