guidebook.category_page.title.Είδη πρώτης ανάγκης

guidebook.category_page.subtitle.Είδη πρώτης ανάγκης
1. Supermercado Zona Sul
118 R. Visc. de Pirajá
158συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Renata λέει “There are 3 or 4 Supermercados Zona Sul in Ipanema. The one that's located between Henrique Dumont ...” ·
2. Sugar Loaf cable car
520 Av. Pasteur
102συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Marty λέει “Spectacular view views, but make sure you go on a clear day. Early morning, or a couple of hours be...” ·
3. Zona Sul Supermarket
504 R. Visc. de Pirajá
72συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Angela λέει “Good supermarket. Sells all sorts of food and drinks. There is also a nice pizza place inside the su...” ·
4. Zona Sul
325 Av Queen Elizabeth
72συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Hiram&Flávia λέει “This a good supermarket and you may sit and eat a fabulous not expensive pizza, highly recommended. ...” ·
5. Supermarket South Zone
325 R. Gen. Artigas
66συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Diogo λέει “Nice Supermarket. Good for breakfast. A wide variety of beers, wine and selected itens. Great pizza ...” ·
6. Supermercado Zona Sul
866 Av. Atlântica
62συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Felipe λέει “Supermercao Zonal Sul com muitas opções de produtos importados. Supermarket with many imported good...” ·
7. Mundial
71 Rua Siqueira Campos
58συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Derek λέει “My once a month Grocerie shopping. Cheapest around Copa/Ipanema.” ·
8. Zona Sul Supermarket
49 R. Prudente de Morais
63συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Jan λέει “The closest of the well stocked Zona Sul chains outlets (which are everywhere in Ipa/Copa). This one...” ·
9. Zona Sul
936 Av. Nossa Sra. de Copacabana
58συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Viviane λέει “Great wooden fire based pizzas baked inside the supermarket, can´t miss it! Ask for the menus in Eng...” ·
10. Supermercado Zona Sul
36 R. Bambina
48συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Monalisa λέει “Good breakfast and pizza (try the funghi one!)” ·
11. Supermercados Mundial
192 R. Riachuelo
53συστάσεις ντόπιων
Marcelle & Davog
Ο/Η Marcelle & Davog λέει “The biggest and cheapest of the local supermarkets, but with bigger queues also!” ·
12. Supermercado Zona Sul
595 Av. Nossa Sra. de Copacabana
48συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ludmilla A
Ο/Η Ludmilla A λέει “Rio's most expensive supermarket. Good selection of cachaças” ·
13. Hortifruti
74 Rua Siqueira Campos
35συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Cyda λέει “Very good fresh produce in this supermarket (Copacabana has many supermarkets to chose between.)” ·
14. Hortifruti
355 R. Prof. Álvaro Rodrigues
36συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Marcelo λέει “Fruits, salads and organic food, 2 minutes walking” ·
15. Supermarket
1340 Av. Embaixador Abelardo Bueno
44συστάσεις ντόπιων
Tiago E Alice
Ο/Η Tiago E Alice λέει “Medium supermarket and liquid store”
16. Farmácia do Leme
237 Av. Prado Júnior
43συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Hugo λέει “Melhor farmácia do Rio de Janeiro, entregas 24h. Banco 24h também. Best Drugstore of Rio. 24 hour...”
17. Zona Sul Supermarket
49 R. Prudente de Morais
33συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Patricia λέει “Just crossing the street you will find best quality groceries everyday” ·
18. Hortifruti - Leblon | Dias Ferreira
57 Rua Dias Ferreira
40συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Walter λέει “It is a supermarket specialized in fruits and vegetables, all very fresh, I recommend!” ·
19. Hospital Barra d'Or
3079 Av. Ayrton Senna
32συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Beto λέει “Biggest hospital around. Brand-new and positively tested pediatric emergency.” ·
20. Supermercado Mundial
13.701 Av. das Américas
38συστάσεις ντόπιων
21. Supermarket South Zone
325 R. Gen. Artigas
35συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Eliane λέει “This supermarket also has a pizza restaurant inside. They allow you to buy wine from the supermarket...” ·
22. UPA 24H Copacabana
129 Rua Siqueira Campos
23συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Helena λέει “For any emergency, public hospital 24h”
23. Princesa
134 Av. Princesa Isabel
25συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Gláucia λέει “Para compas básicas. Market for basic stuff.” ·
24. Zona Sul
565 Av. Érico Veríssimo
33συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Diego λέει “Near Supermarket, have a great products and a delicious pizza” ·
25. Supermercado Zona Sul
181 R. Marquês de Abrantes
25συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Lilia λέει “A big supermarket with fruit and greengroceries,too. Nice wines can be found there. Good prices!” ·
26. Supermercado Zona Sul
16237 Av. das Américas
29συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Celso λέει “An excellent but a little expensive supermarket in the neighborhood.” ·
27. Bodytech - N.S. Copacabana 801
801 Av. Nossa Sra. de Copacabana
25συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Carla λέει “Fitness club with a big swimming pool and one-day pass. When you wanna see beautiful people.” ·
28. Pão de Açúcar
15 Rua Pompeu Loureiro
31συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Tatiana λέει “Ótimo mercado perto. Great food market very close” ·
29. Pão de Açúcar
165 R. Marquês de Abrantes
34συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η Fabiana λέει “Good supermarket, It's not the best price in the neighborhood, but there are different types of food...” ·
30. Extra Largo Do Machado - Estacionamento
14 Largo do Machado
27συστάσεις ντόπιων
Ο/Η RenataDiamante λέει “Big Supermarket, find anything you need .” ·