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Gorgeous Apartment with Expansive Views of Florence

SuperhostΦλωρεντία, Toscana, Ιταλία
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Ολόκληρο διαμέρισμα με οικοδεσπότη τον/την Stefano & Milly
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Newly remodeled, this apartment combines authentic Italian charm with modern design by using a mix of antique and contemporary pieces. Natural light floods the rooms and the rooftop terrace provides spectacular views of the Santa Croce square.
“The roof terrace offers you unique 360-degree views of Florence.”
– Stefano & Milly, ο οικοδεσπότης σας

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Φλωρεντία, Toscana, Ιταλία

The apartment is in the Piazza Santa Croce neighborhood—a historic and central location that is still full of vibrant local life. From the delicious restaurants to the breathtaking monuments, this home makes exploring the city easy and convenient.

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Με οικοδεσπότη τον/την Stefano & Milly

Μέλος από Ιούλιος 2017
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Hello. My name is Stefano, I was born and raised in Florence. I am interested in sports, to be in contact with nature, spend time with my family, restore old furniture, study art and history and learn about different cultures. I've always lived in Florence because it allows me to do all those things and while it is a city that keeps its history, beauty and its traditions, it is also open and welcoming to everbody. It is here in Florence where I work as an engineer and where I met my wife Milly, an architect who shares my passions. Together we have carefully refurnished our home to make it cozy and relaxing with furniture that reflect Florence's charm and history. Milly and I look forward to making our guests feel comfortable and at home and we welcome them a privileged starting point to explore and enjoy Florence to the fullest. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Ciao. Mi chiamo Stefano, sono nato a Firenze e amo lo sport, stare in contatto con la natura, trascorrere del tempo con la mia famiglia, recuperare e ripristinare mobili antichi, studiare arte e storia e conoscere culture diverse. Ho sempre vissuto a Firenze perché è una città che ti permette di fare tutte queste cose, ma è anche una città che mantiene la sua storia, la sua bellezza e le sue tradizioni, ed è sempre aperta e accogliente con tutti. A Firenze lavoro come ingegnere e qui ho conosciuto mia moglie Milly che è un architetto e che condivide le mie passioni. Insieme abbiamo ristrutturato con cura la nostra casa per renderla accogliente e rilassante, con mobili che trasmettono il fascino della storia di Firenze. Insieme ci piace anche accogliere i nostri ospiti in modo da farli sentire a casa e a proprio agio per fornire loro un punto di partenza privilegiato per conoscere e godere pienamente Firenze.
Hello. My name is Stefano, I was born and raised in Florence. I am interested in sports, to be in contact with nature, spend time with my family, restore old furniture, study art a…
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  • Γλώσσες: English, Italiano, Español

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Άφιξη: Μετά τις 3:00 μ.μ.
Αναχώρηση: 10:00 π.μ.
Άφιξη χωρίς παρουσία οικοδεσπότη με κουτί φύλαξης κλειδιών
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Εγγύηση - Αν προκαλέσετε ζημιά στο σπίτι, μπορεί να χρεωθείτε με έως και €160

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