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Stylish Apartment Nestled at the Foot of the Royal Mile

ΕπαληθευμένηSuperhostAbbeyhill, Εδιμβούργο, Σκωτία
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Ολόκληρο διαμέρισμα με οικοδεσπότη τον/την Samantha
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Sit back on the covered terrace and gaze at the majestic Arthur’s Seat. The apartment boasts an impressive king-sized bedroom with a stunning black tiled en suite bathroom, while the living and kitchen area is bright and spacious.

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Abbeyhill, Εδιμβούργο, Σκωτία

This apartment offers the convenience of the Old Town in a quiet and exclusive private residence called The Park. All historic sites from the Royal Palace of Holyrood House to Edinburgh Castle are within walking distance.

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I am from Scotland & I have lived in Edinburgh for over 15 years. Whilst I commute both to London and Spain for work, I would always want my home to be based in Edinburgh. I just love the city! I have lived & worked in Brussels, France & Spain, travelled alot in the USA & Turkey and I am fluent in French & Spanish. I love to experience local culture where ever we go as a family. Most often when we travel we book a private house/apartment as it gives us more space & lots of flexibility. I always want to be in Edinburgh during the Festival, never for the weather but just for the wonderful, vibrant atmosphere, the range of events from, comedy, theatre, opera, dance, literature, music & film. There is truly something for everyone. There are also a great selection of restaurants in Edinburgh & I am happy to share my favorites! Autumn & winter are great times to explore Edinburgh & the surrounding areas away from the crowds. Edinburgh is definately a great city to explore on foot; there are hills, beaches & city gardens all within a 3 mile radius of the city centre. As a family we like to explore Islands off the West coast of Scotland which are listed as some of the most stunning places in the world; but remember to come to Edinburgh first! Please don't hesitate if you have questions about your stay & I will assist where ever possible. Welcome & enjoy your stay. Best wishes, Samantha
I am from Scotland & I have lived in Edinburgh for over 15 years. Whilst I commute both to London and Spain for work, I would always want my home to be based in Edinburgh. I just l…
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  • Γλώσσες: English, Français, Deutsch, Norsk, Español, Svenska
  • Ρυθμός απάντησης: 100%
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