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If you are looking for peace and tranquility to relax and enjoy a holiday surrounded by nature, Villa Amarcord is the perfect place for you!
Villa Amarcord is a completely independent holiday home with a private swimming pool surrounded by nature in Umbria, in Città di Castello, in a strategic position to reach all the main tourist attractions of the region.
The house was born from the renovation of a large stone farmhouse from the 1500s respecting its original appearance and materials. The structure was then divided into 4 large and comfortable apartments all with independent entrances and a large double suite.
Villa Amarcord can comfortably accommodate up to 16 guests in 5 double and 3 twin bedrooms.
Villa Amarcord is located in a hilly position 400 meters above sea level from which it enjoys a unique view of the upper Tiber valley surrounded by green fields and woods but, at the same time, close to medieval villages and cities of absolute interest such as Montone , Citerna, Cortona, Assisi, Spello and Gubbio. The villa with its large outdoor spaces is the ideal place to practice sports, relax and eat wholesome food and drink both Umbrian and Tuscan fine wines.
Furthermore, for guests who want a holiday without having to have the stress of having to provide daily meals, it is possible to organize on request a full catering service for breakfast, lunch and / or dinner with the neighboring restaurant of typical cuisine L'Archibugio la whose property is the same as the villa.
Its panoramic position, the fresh air that you breathe and the quiet that surrounds it make our guests fall in love and are the reason why they return year after year.

- Outdoor: Guests have access to a huge park with a private swimming pool (14x7 meters, depth from 1.10 to 1.40 meters) for exclusive use equipped with sun loungers, tables, chairs, deck chairs and umbrellas.
Guests can also enjoy the large shaded terrace equipped with tables, chairs and benches to eat outside and enjoy the view or simply the fresh and clean air of the surrounding valley.
As sports facilities available to guests there are a volleyball court and table tennis; a shooting range is also available a short distance from the hotel.


House linen
Water, electricity, gas, heating
Children's chairs (on request)
Use of the swimming pool
Internet connection


extra linen change
extra cleaning
cooking lessons
home cook
baby sitting
mountain bike rental
car rent
shuttle service to and from the airport
language guide


Crossing Umbria is like entering a dimension where spiritual suggestions, artistic testimonies and environmental excellence interpenetrate perfectly.
Located on the north-western side of Umbria, Città di Castello stretches along the Upper Tiber Valley on the border with nearby Tuscany and not far from the Marche.
The territory offers pleasant surprises to the visitor: it is an area rich in history and monuments, with a centuries-old culture in an environment where respect for nature is accompanied by a vital industrial reality.


Surrounded for long stretches by the sixteenth-century walls, in Città di Castello the "breath of art" can be found in the evocative atmosphere of the historic center, in the elegant Renaissance architecture, in the courtyards and arcades of noble palaces, in the cloisters and in the naves of the churches ; from the monumental Cathedral (11th century) with its treasures, to Santa Maria Maggiore, Santa Maria delle Grazie, San Francesco and San Domenico.
But also in the masterpieces of Raphael and Luca Signorelli, as well as in the bags, woods, plastics and cretti of Alberto Burri, one of the great masters of international contemporary art, who left many of his works in the city that gave him the natali.

To visit, in the historic center, the Municipal Art Gallery, in Palazzo Vitelli alla Cannoniera: enlarged with new exhibition rooms, it preserves masterpieces by Raphael, Luca Signorelli, Ghirlandaio, Raffaellino del Colle and Pomarancio.

The collection of Alberto Burri's works is exhibited in the two important sites of Palazzo Albizzini and the former Seccatoi del Tabacco.
Also not to be missed is the Duomo Museum, adjacent to the cathedral, which preserves precious evidence of sacred art, the Textile Collection, on the second floor of Palazzo Tommasini, where the history of the "Tela Umbra" company is retraced, and the Documentation Center. of the graphic arts Grifani - Donati, a point of reference in the enhancement of the city's typographic tradition.


In the surroundings, the oratory of San Crescentino in Morra deserves a visit, inside which some frescoes by Luca Signorelli and workshop are visible, the parish church of Canoscio, one of the most important landmarks of Marian devotion in Umbria, the sanctuary of the Madonna di Belvedere, the Abbey of Badia Petroia, a notable example of Romanesque construction (11th-12th century) and Villa Franchetti "La Montesca", surrounded by a centuries-old park rich in very rare botanical species. In Garavelle, in the farmhouse overlooking Villa Capelletti, there is the Center of Popular Traditions "Livio Dalla Ragione", one of the first examples in Italy of collecting objects linked to the peasant tradition.



Umbria has been called "Italy's Green Heart." It is green, mainly agricultural, and more sparsely populated than its western neighbor, Tuscany. Umbria has no access to the Mediterranean but is home to one of the largest lakes of Italy. Umbria is for the laid-back traveler, one who would perhaps like to sip the uniquely Umbrian wine called Sagrantino in one of the many Umbria Wineries. There are plenty of interesting and historic towns to discover; the regional capital Perugia, Saint Francis's town of Assisi, or the Etruscan city of Orvieto.


There are interesting places to stay in Umbria. There's a restored Monastic outpost in Umbria called La Preghiera that hosts guests. Another place to consider is Fontanaro, a collection of houses forming a sort of rural cooperative where you can learn about Umbrian cooking, wine, and the making of organic olive oil. If you love to eat well and stay in a rural B&B, the Casale di Mele might be the perfect place to stay. This short account provides a thread to guide you through the labyrinth of this complex story. You'll find more detailed local history in the individual town pages.


Umbrian cuisine is best described as farm-to-table. Foods change with the season and, when in season, you can enjoy dishes made with the highly prized truffles of the region. Deborah Mele's introduction to the cuisine, The Foods of Umbria, will give you all you need to know about the food and food traditions of Umbria.


Italy’s green heart, Umbria is a land unto itself, the only Italian region that borders neither the sea nor another country. This isolation has kept outside influences at bay and ensured that many of Italy's old-world traditions survive today. Travel here and you’ll still see grandmothers in aprons making pasta by hand and front doors that haven't been locked in centuries.


Assisi is a captivating commune. With its medieval streets, sacred shrines, entrancing churches, and a spellbinding castle, it’s no surprise it’s Umbria’s most famous town for tourists and pilgrims alike. It was the city where Italy’s Patron Saint, St. Francis, lived and prayed, so it’s a spiritual experience for many. Admire the views from the fortress of Rocca Maggiore and get great shots of Basilica di Santa Chiara and Santuario San Damiano. The two-thousand-year-old ancient Roman Temple of Minerva is also a fantastic photo opportunity. Take a moment to reflect at Eremo delle Carceri, where St. Francis prayed in isolation. Explore the Roman Forum, stroll along Via San Francesco, and see St. Rufino Cathedral, the church dedicated to Assisi’s Patron Saint, Rufino, which is home to the 12th-century crypt of Basilica Ugoniana.


Perched dramatically on top of enormous tufa cliffs, the hillside town of Orvieto is picturesque. Easily reached by train or car, it’s the perfect day trip from Rome. But, there’s so much to see and do that you should allow plenty of time. Dating back to Etruscan times, Orvieto is split in two: the old-town hilltop and the new town at the base, connected by escalators and elevators, as well as a cable car (the most scenic form of transport).


Nestled within central Umbria, Perugia is the region’s thriving capital. This picturesque Etruscan town is charmingly medieval, with a backdrop dominated by Italy’s largest fortress, the Rocca Paolina. Believed to be older than Rome, Perugia definitely lives up to its steadfast reputation. Explore Perugia’s attractive center overflowing with Etruscan ruins, including the third-century Sorbello Well. Visit Piazza IV Novembre, where the Fontana Maggiore fountain forms the centerpiece. Other sights include the Italian art museum, La Galleria Nazionale dell’ Umbria, the church of Sant’Angelo and the monastery of Sant’Agnese. You’ll also find the Universita per Stranieri, an excellent Italian language school, as well as the first wine school in the world in Perugia!


Gubbio is a medieval town in north-eastern Umbria. Despite being so close to Assisi, it’s surprisingly set off the main tourist track. Surrounded by avocado countryside and connected to Mount Ingino via a scenic cableway, this hillside Italian town is undeniably magical. When it comes to authenticity, architecture, and atmosphere, Gubbio has it all. Dating back to pre-Roman times, Gubbio is one of Umbria’s oldest towns. The town center is a pleasing mix of medieval, gothic and Renaissance architecture built from grey limestone. It’s known as the “City of Fools” because you can obtain a “madman’s license” (and Eugubina citizenship!) by merely circling the small fountain in Largo Bargello three times.


Spoleto is one of those rare non-touristy towns. Totally off the beaten path, this medieval village has a steep historical center, accessible via a travellator, that dates back to 241 BC. Inhabited by the original Umbri tribes in the 5th-century BC who built fortifying walls that can still be seen today, it was only in 774 that it became part of the Holy Roman Empire, when one of the Dukes of Lombard made it their official residence. Chosen as the filming location for the famous Italian soapy, Don Matteo (because it depicts a typical Italian town yet to be overrun by tourists), Spoleto promises all the best things about Italy – lovely restaurants, hearty cuisine, and fantastic wines. Don’t miss the black truffles and red wine from Montefalco!


Marmore Falls is one of the tallest human made waterfalls in the world. Tucked within Nera River Park – also known as Waters’ Park – it was built by the Romans back in 271 BC to divert the overflowing stagnant waters of the River Velino into the River Nero. Today, the falls feed the Galleto Hydroelectric Power Station, which has enabled the metal-working, electrochemical, and electric industries at Terni. Yet the falls remain steeped in myth and legend. Popular belief dictates that a nymph called Nera fell in love with a shepherd named Velino. A jealous lover called Juno transformed Nera into a river and then threw himself over the cliff in order to be reunited with her forever. This mortal jump now lingers for eternity in the sprays of the waterfall.


Narni is a quiet hamlet overlooking the lush Nera Valley. Known for its spectacular sunsets that take center stage over the backdrop of the Umbrian countryside, it’s one of the most romantic little villages in Italy. But the old town has historical and cultural significance too. Admire the incredible artwork at the Civic Museum and explore Narni Sotterranea – an unbelievable underground town only discovered in 1977. Inside, you’ll find a 13th-century Benedictine church painted with amazing frescoes, a Roman cistern, a Holy Inquisition courtroom, and an eerie prison cell.


Lake Trasimeno, with its hillside olive groves, undulating vineyards, and quaint stone villages, is one of the most enchanting destinations in Umbria. The fourth-largest of Italy’s lakes, Trasimeno is surrounded by ancient towers, fortresses, and Renaissance-style churches. On the lake itself, you’ll find pastel-colored wooden fishing boats, three scenic lake islands, and some of the most dramatic sunsets in Italy. While the lake is located inside the region of Umbria, it’s northern shoreline hugs the border of Tuscany. The villages peppering the lake have a resort-style atmosphere. Peak season runs from April to October, when tourists descend to take advantage of the mild climate, beaches, and hiking and biking trails. Visit out of season and you’ll find many shops and restaurants closed.


Spello is an ancient walled town with honey-colored houses cascading down the slopes of Saint Francis’s mountain, Monte Subasio. Located on the doorstep of Assisi in east-central Umbria, it’s a small town that you can explore on foot in just several hours. Small it may be, but its civilized pace and gorgeous views make it well worth a visit. In fact, it’s easily one of the most beautiful villages in Italy! Built from Subasio marble, the entire town takes on a pinkish color around sunrise and sunset – the photos are simply gorgeous!






- Swimming Pool: Villa Amarcord offers a large private swimming pool (14x7 mt) for exclusive use equipped with sun loungers, tables, deck chairs and umbrellas with breathtaking views of the surrounding hills

- - - - -

Villa Amarcord is a farmhouse divided into 4 apartments, all independent which are developed each on two levels for a total of 420 square meters with 8 bedrooms and 16 beds in total.
It is the ideal solution for groups of friends and families who want to spend their holidays together and have ample space available both inside and outside

Apartment One
fully equipped kitchen, living room with sofa, armchairs and coffee tables, a double bedroom, a bedroom with two single beds, a complete bathroom with window equipped with sink, toilet, bidet and shower

Apartment Two
fully equipped kitchen, living room with sofa, armchairs and coffee tables, a double bedroom, a bedroom with two single beds, a complete bathroom with window equipped with sink, toilet, bidet and shower

Apartment Three
fully equipped kitchen, living room with sofa, armchairs and coffee tables, a double bedroom, a bedroom with two single beds, a complete bathroom with window equipped with sink, toilet, bidet and shower

Apartment Four
fully equipped kitchen, living room with sofa, armchairs and coffee tables, a double bedroom, a complete bathroom with window equipped with sink, toilet, bidet and shower

Linen and towels are provided free of charge and you can find an extra set of pillows if you prefer softer or firmer ones.
we provide free toiletries, hairdryer, toilet paper, rugs and towels.
Toiletries: shampoo-shower, hand soap, intimate detergent
In the rooms there are also: full length mirror, desk, wardrobe, hangers, bedside tables and lights.

Cleaning is carried out at the beginning and end of the stay with sanitization of the rooms.

Wi-Fi is available throughout the hotel for free and the connection speed is very good in all areas

the villa is not equipped with air conditioning, fans are provided in case of need
Heating available

Children are welcome and we can provide cots and high chairs in each room upon request
I provide toys, children's books.

it is necessary to climb several steps to reach the sleeping area of ​​the apartments.

The view is on the property's garden, on the surrounding countryside and on the swimming pool.

Traffic is zero as we are not on a busy road.
The doors and windows are of good quality.
You will surely sleep well!

Animals are not allowed

free private parking

next to the villa there is a restaurant open only in the evening with a completely separate entrance and managed by the owners of the cottage. On request it is possible to serve restaurant service in the villa or take away service.

There is a fire extinguisher and a first aid kit.

- Sitting Room: Each apartment has a living and dining room

- Kitchen: 4 fully equipped kitchens

- Bedrooms: 8 total bedrooms

- Bathrooms: 4 total bathrooms

- - Apartment Policies - -

Arrival between 16:00 and 20:00
Departure within 10:00

Pool open from 1 May to 30 September

Included in the rental price:
Bed Linen and Towels (initial set)
Extra Bed
Use of double sofa-bed
Use of the Kitchen
Beds made up for arrival
Internet Wifi
High chair
Pets (on request)
Early Departure
Washing Machine
Welcome kit
Key collection service
Registration fee

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ciao sono Michela e sono una property manager. La mia agenzia Italian-Experience gestisce diverse strutture in Italia nelle regioni Toscana, Marche, Umbria, Liguria e Sicilia…
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