Suman's riverside Estate (coorg naladi holidays)

Ιδιωτικό δωμάτιο σε καταλύματα σε φάρμες. Οικοδεσπότης: Paradanda

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Welcome to the chirpy heaven ..walk into the working coffee estate, sip our own brew, taste the home made coorg specialities, trek the highest peak or indulge in small walks, get into the private trails and enjoy the greenery without any indulgence. welcome to naladi hoidays in coorg in the thick of rain forests, and gurgling streams

Ο χώρος
Located in the foothills of mountain ranges amid rain forests and coffee estates and tucked to a riverbank, Naladi Holidays is an ideal getaway from busy city life. Overlooking the highest peak in Coorg 'THADIYANDAMOL' just 14 km away from the guest house one can have the luxury of estate walks, trekking, relaxing by the riverside or just simply laze around the greenery in abundance. The stay home is located 30 kms away from district capital MADIKERI . Also near to the historical spot known as NALKNAD PALACE - 7 KM away from the stay home. Other attractions are - Kabbe waterfalls, Igguthappa temple which are nearby All 4 rooms are airy, spacious with modern bathrooms and have estate views as well as being open towards the mountain ranges plus home-made Coorg cuisine would be another delight.

Searching for a holiday spot inside the Coffee Estate tucked on a river bank in the rainforests?

Want to laze around after having a dip in the fresh riverwater?
Want to see the cloud kissed mountains just above your courtyard?

Want to add trekking to the breath taking serene mountains to your holiday??

Then you are welcome to the Pristine Paradise of Coorg. Totally untouched and undisturbed by the urbanisation and crowd. Your hosts known as "SUMAN

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Madikeri, Karnataka, Ινδία

Staying in the working coffee plantation. In the thick of rainforests.serene , silent, but well connected through roads to the nearby town Kakkabe

Οικοδεσπότης: Paradanda

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Your hosts known as Subramani and Reshma are a traditional Kodava Couple who stay here with their children, making a living looking after the working coffee estate which also has Pepper, Cardamom and Oranges Mostly grown on the hills and a valley on the west slope. Which is on the thick of rainforests and on the catchment area for river carvery. Up
Your hosts known as Subramani and Reshma are a traditional Kodava Couple who stay here with their children, making a living looking after the working coffee estate which also has P…

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