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Ολόκληρος χώρος: κατάλυμα σε οικιστική ζώνη. Οικοδεσπότης: Lương

5 επισκέπτες, 2 υπνοδωμάτια, 3 κρεβάτια, 1,5 μπάνια
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This is DAIRO LOFT, a part of Kalon Homestay (Kalon meaning: Be beautiful from the outside to the inside as well), where you can sleep over BEAUTIFUL BALCONY or QUIET GARDEN to escape from the bustle and hustle of life

Skip DAIRO if you’re looking a modern stay (such as: like condo, hostel, hotel,...), because all you need to do in Vietnam is to embrace our local vibes we created. So just enjoy
All of our 2BRs only fit with the people who like A QUIET SPACE and CULTURE EXPLORATION.

Ο χώρος
Besides being a definitely quite place, the Dairo loft is so proud of a very convenient location which is near a lot of tourist places and provides so many facilities in that you can help yourselves as if you are at your home!
- Free hot & cold WATER and Vietnamese COFFEE.
- Free NETFLIX accounts access to 2 televisions for each room.
- Free Tour (Hanoi, Trang An, Ha Long, Da Nang,...) Consulting.
This loft is located on next to Old Quarter, surrounded by a variety of street-food shops and the real local life. It's an private apartment, ideal for late and endless stories under the romantic lights of the terrace and loft garden.
Daiso Loft (which is 60m2) has 2 PRIVATE BEDROOM, one room named Rose with 1 double bed and amazing BALCONY (22m2) and another named Daisy with 1 double bed and 1 sofa bed (18m2). Therefore, it is very suitable for your entire family or your “squad” with the maximum number up to 5 people. This loft contains 1 TOILET (only Rose Room and Daisy Room can use) and a small KITCHEN which has a lot of of facilities for you to enjoy your meal with friends and families at the space between 2 rooms. Or else, you can easily go upstairs and enjoy breakfast, lunch or dinner at our QUIET GARDEN. Besides, there is one shared LIVING ROOM for you to have fun talks on the first floor of Kalon Homestay.
Do not feel uncomfortable when you see any guest lying above the sofa to read or smoke at the SHARED GARDEN. Open your mind to welcome new friends. I’m sure that would be memorable experience when you make friends with some foreigners from all over the world. One more thing, the living room could be used only for talking or early luggage drop-off, please DO NOT EAT at this room. Thank you!
Dairo Loft is located on one of the most quiet areas in Hanoi City Centre, but to reach it, you will not make any effort. Luckily, we built our space at an old residence-house group, the neighborhood is well-educated and prefers an extreme quite space at noon and night, so could you please keep silent at these time? The parties are not allowed, please take it into your account.
Please be happy when you climbing the staircase over 1.5 floors to reach DAIRO LOFT (which includes Daisy and Rose Room only). The check-in guideline will be sent later after your booking, but do not forget to ask local people to find the place or questioned us on Airbnb to find your loft, we all take pleasure from taking you to the address with big smiles.

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Hai Bà Trưng, Hà Nội, Βιετνάμ

All neighborhood is well-educated and prefer being quiet at nights, please respect this quiet space, thank you!

Οικοδεσπότης: Lương

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    I am always willing to support you at any time for any reasons in person or by phone. We want your stay in our place to be the best. Never hesitate to call, communicate for any tip…
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