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A community-based Homestay in the woods. You can camp here, or pitch your own tents. Go for nature walks. Go on a jungle safari. Enjoy bonfire on winter nights. Gaze at the stars on the terrace. Watch the beautiful birds and butterflies of Pawalgarh. We serve the perfect meal: Organic food from the veggies grown in our backyard. In our open air café, we serve the most delicious cheese sandwiches and coffee.

Ο χώρος
You’ll stay with us, in a beautiful organic farm that’s spread over 6 acres in Pawalgarh, in the Kumaon region of Uttarakhand. The family which manages the Homestay and everyday farm activities stays here. We’ve a camp where we’ll set up tents for you. We also have a concept-based, open resto-café where you can read, work and have fun. You’ll stay near the forest, amidst mango, gooseberry and bamboo trees. You’ll see 150 species of birds and 50 species of butterflies here.

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Μη διαθέσιμο: Ανιχνευτής μονοξειδίου του άνθρακα
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Mankandpur, Uttarakhand, Ινδία

Pawalgarh, a conservation reserve under Corbett, is a village near Ramnagar, in Nainital. Worldwide, Pawalgarh is known after the “bachelor of Pawalgarh”, the biggest tiger Jim Corbett hunted down. Pawalgarh is an organic village, surrounded by the woods on all sides, and rich in the biodiversity of flora and fauna. Pawalgarh is a paradise for birders and nature lovers. We organize bird watching workshops, and take you on jungle walks and safari. You can even take a walk to the forest bungalow where Jim stayed before hunting down the tiger.

Οικοδεσπότης: Roopsi

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The owners, Manohar uncle and Basanti aunty, and I closely interact with the guests. Their son Vikki is a naturalist and a state guide who knows every nook and corner of this neighborhood. If you're up to it, we’ll take you on bird and butterfly watching activities. We’ll cook organic food from the farm for you. And when it’s too cold, we’ll make bonfire. We’d like to have many all the artists under one roof.
The owners, Manohar uncle and Basanti aunty, and I closely interact with the guests. Their son Vikki is a naturalist and a state guide who knows every nook and corner of this neigh…

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