Sustainable mud brick home overlooking the Gambia


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This unique house was built by American researchers. In between stays by researchers, we host guests for stays of any length. The house is built of a mud-brick style, developed in the Sudan, and modernized by the non-profit Association de la Voute Nubienne. The mud bricks keep the house much cooler than the cement brick construction popular throughout Senegal.

We work with Doba Diallo, one of the most popular tour guides in the region, to provide customized visits throughout Kedougou.

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This is a simple space with basic amenities. The neighborhood is quieter than other areas of Kedougou, but there are still shops and food stands within short walking distance. It's a great budget option if you're passing through the town of Kedougou on your way to visit other places in the region. There are two bathrooms--both are outdoors and one is adjacent to the house and private to the house; the other is in the center of the compound and shared with the front house. For water, there is a well on the property which we use for showering and washing clothes. For drinking, we buy 10L bottles at the boutique on the main road. There are two bikes available for getting around town. The house has a solar energy system that powers lights, allows for charging cell phones, and powers a radio. If you reserve long enough in advance we'll put the panel out before you arrive to make sure there's some electricity when you get in. If you come last minute you may have to wait until the battery charges, which can take half a day. We usually charge our computers at local cyber cafés or restaurants. We also work with Doba Diallo, one of the most popular tour guides in the region, to provide customized visits throughout Kedougou.

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Kédougou Region, Σενεγάλη

This is a residential neighborhood near a school. It's quiet, but there are people around. The particular house is located off of the main road and feels very quiet, though it's close to several shops.

Οικοδεσπότης: Steve

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We are a small research group affiliated with Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies in the United States. We study soil, agriculture, and environmental issues in Kedougou and the broader Fouta Djallon region.

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Colleagues of the research group live in Kedougou and can be present to help you whenever needed.
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