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(H) Maluhia - 2Br - Sleeps 4

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Maluhia villa is a tropical Zen paradise located on the fabulous northwest coast of Maui. With a majestic mountain backdrop and a stunning ocean foreground, you will be perfectly poised for the ultimate Hawaiian holiday. A convenient location close to the ocean, hiking, Lahaina town and golf, coupled with Maluhia’s fine attention to detail will make this trip to Hawaii your dream vacation. Maluhia features a pristine swimming pool with dual stone maidens spouting into the pool. The Balinese theme with custom carved doors, stone reliefs and extensive wood details extend to the spacious deck coupled with sun loungers, a pagoda-style gazebo for alfresco dining and a smaller zen gazebo for your choice of meditation, massage or Yoga. Fire up the barbecue for some of your favorites! Enjoy the spacious and expansive landscaping with night up lighting. Both indoors and out you will find a home theatre system with Bose surround sound that extends to the pool area and gazebos. The interiors of Maluhia feature high thatched ceilings with overhead fans and a long and comfortably padded rattan sofa that sits adjacent to an open concept kitchen with granite countertops and a breakfast bar. The kitchen also includes high end stainless steel appliances and a gas range. Bring the outdoors in with pocketed doors that disappear to enjoy the many amazing sunsets Maluhia has to offer. Just sit back and relax – let the soothing island vibration work its magic! With room for four guests in the two delectable bedrooms at Maluhia, this villa is perfect for a family, or as a couples’ retreat. A stunning wooden four-poster bed looks out to a beautiful ocean view.  The lanai is accessible through large sliding doors. Step outside and enjoy the delight of stone walled alfresco showers. Fine linens and accoutrements help provide plenty of sweet dreams. Historic Lahaina is a heritage town transformed into a modern Maui hot spot. Once known as Lele, or “endless sun,” Lahaina offers a variety of unique art galleries, shops and restaurants for you to explore. Golf aficionados should also be sure to check out the 36 legendary holes at the Kaanapali course just minutes away. Maui awaits! Copyright © Luxury Retreats. All rights reserved.
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