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Seabreeze Villa at Fowl Cay - 2Br - Sleeps 4

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Calling a private island your temporary home is an experience fit for any beach lover’s bucket list. In the Bahamas Exuma Cays you’ll find Fowl Cay Island, a private spot that takes exclusivity to a whole new level. You can rent the entire island or separate villas, depending on the size of your group. Seabreeze Villa, sitting atop a hill, offers perhaps the best views on the island. During your stay, you’ll enjoy access to the island’s unparalleled amenities. From a tennis court and bocce court to horseshoes, there’s plenty opportunity for friendly competition. To cool down after a heated game, take a dip in the island’s pool. Whatever your taste for activity may be, rest assured meal time hasn’t been forgotten while you’ve been out exploring—a chef is among the team of staff that will be caring for you during your stay. Of the six villas on Fowl Cay, Seabreeze and Starlight villa’s are perhaps the most uniquely designed. Perched atop a hill, the space takes advantage of the island’s natural beauty. An open-air courtyard separates the two bedrooms for a living room right beneath the sky. A balcony sits over the pristine shoreline, a great spot to watch the sunset. The villa’s layout is suited best for two sharing couples or families with older children. The first bedroom is equipped with a king size bed, en-suite bathroom with two showers—one al fresco and one indoors. The second bedroom has two twin beds and an en-suite bathroom as well. Air conditioning and ceiling fans throughout maintain a breezy temperature for those extra-warm Bahamas days. While the activities and alluring beaches of Fowl Cay are sure to fill your vacation, if you decide to venture away for the afternoon, Staniel Cay town is an easy 10-minute boat ride away. You can also sail over to the Thunderball Grotto (yes, the one from James Bond) to snorkel in the clear waters. Whether you’re on the market for a relaxation or adventure, prepare yourself for total Bahamas bliss. Copyright © Luxury Retreats. All rights reserved.
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