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Η Βενετία επιπλέει πάνω σε αιώνες παράδοσης. Στα σοκάκια, τα σχοινιά με τα απλωμένα ρούχα διασταυρώνονται πάνω από τα κεφάλια σας και οι τεχνίτες δημιουργούν χειροποίητα γυάλινα αριστουργήματα.

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Venice’s compact size and pedestrian streets are perfect for walking, and crossing the main islands only takes an hour. A city on the water, Venice’s form of public transport is boat. Private water taxis are expensive, but vaporetto water buses run regularly and are much cheaper. For the ultimate romantic journey, drift through the Grand Canal by gondola—just be sure to agree on the fare beforehand.

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Gondolas, canals, ferries, floating romance, Venetian glass, Venetian masks, art expos, film festivals, Piazza San Marco, Rialto Bridge, Lido Beach

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The littler islands, big spritzes, quiet winters, evenings spent in piazzas, summers spent on Lido, the Il Redentore festival, La Biennale, bacari, polenta

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Rising water levels, floods of tourists, trying to transport anything, shrinking personal space, unfulfilled improvement projects, crumbling monuments, mosquitos