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Οι χαλαρές ημέρες συνοδεύονται από συγκλονιστικές νύχτες στα μπαρ, κλαμπ και νυχτερινά κέντρα αυτής της πόλης με τις λατινικές επιρροές.

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If you've got the time, public buses and the Metrorail can take you to all the main tourist destinations in the Miami area. Traveling by bus or Metrorail is $2 a ride. If you need to rest your feet while navigating Downtown, take a free ride on the Metromover. Taxis are expensive and must be preordered. Most cabs have predetermined fares to the barrier islands, instead of charging by the mile. Despite Miami's rep as a discourteous driving city, getting around with a car in Miami is easy and convenient. The roads are based on a grid system and expressways are plentiful.

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South Beach, white sand, Cuban culture, Caribbean food, dance clubs, fitness, fast cars, fancy yachts, cruise ships, the Everglades, retirees, golf

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Swimming year round, staying fit, the boardwalk, the beach, Cuban cuisine, Art Basel, King Mango Strut, yachting, clubbing, calling friends their family

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Hurricanes, the humidity, traffic, sparse public transportation, the humidity, cruise ships, VIP lists, English as a second language