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Μπουένος Άιρες

Fusing Latin expression and Parisian éclat, Buenos Aires is Argentina’s unpretentiously chic capital federal.

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Between the underground Subte and the above ground bus system, public transit in Buenos Aires is very good, albeit crowded during rush hour. With the city's logically gridded layout and a map in hand, BA feels pedestrian friendly. Cabs are plentiful, but make sure to take an official one that sets a meter.

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Porteño pride, Parisian éclat, Tango, Casa Rosada, Evita, political protests, intellectual culture, flea markets, fútbol, Che Guevara, Recoleta Cemetery

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Mate by day, fernet and coke by night, fútbol, Messi, Maradona, talking politics, plaza sitting, Italian culture, rock music, leather, steak, alfajores

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Inflation, the cost of purchasing US dollars, Chilean volcano eruptions, Uruguay’s fútbol teams, early mornings, crowded Subte cars, pickpockets