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Μια έντονα φωτισμένη πόλη που σφύζει από ζωή, η Μπανγκόκ συνδυάζει το παλιό και το σύγχρονο με σεβασμό.

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Ride the Airport Rail Link into the city and side-step Bangkok's head-banging traffic by riding high on the Skytrain (BTS) or below on the underground (MRT). A ride on the Skytrain runs 15-40 baht, a well-worth-it expense for the mere fun of it. Glide river-style with a water taxi or express boat, offering convenient passage to historical sites. Taxis appear on every street corner, but prepare yourself for traffic. Tuk-tuks and motorcycle taxis operated by neon-vested motorists offer exhilarating and even cheaper than the already cheap taxis. Set your price before you get on.

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Temples, street food, floating markets, tuk-tuks, beautiful ladyboys, Khaosan Road, Thai massage, Thai boxing, royal palaces, warm smiles

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Locals Love

The King, smiling, shopping malls, street food, avoiding traffic by taking the Skytrain, exercising in community parks, the riverfront, rooftop bars

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Locals Complain About

Traffic jams, impolite drivers, ill-mannered tourists, people who disrespect sacred spaces, political animosity between “Red Shirts” and “Yellow Shirts”